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“Dilek Hanif presents a new season of clothes timeless , enhanced by a principle of grace and elegance of luxurious but versatile, which reads the value of tradition and excellence of craftsmanship, bringing all creation to the real desires of women and the freedom to wear creations Couture with the naturalness of all time.

Elegance and femininity are expressed through volumes clean, cuts hyper-refined, luxurious embroidery and vivid colors , bright as gold, green, red, turquoise and purple, alternating with the delicacy of the timeless couture shades such as black, the ‘ivory and powder.

The sophisticated contrast material and color fabrics and combines different shades, creating sparkling decorations effect sensual tattoo on transparencies, games voluminous ruffles of lengths from the red carpet and deep cuts to find the skin in silhouette elegant and seductive at the same time.

The iconic tutu-inspired dress in costumes of the dancers classic look with a thoroughly modern twist that captures the attitude of his lively and mischievous younger customers.”

(via sfilate, vogue)

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